Monday, October 03, 2005

Sat - Day 2 - Dinner

For dinner we had Korean BBQ Buffet. A perfect place to chat and gorge yourself silly. Of course you end up smelling like the BBQ but sacrifices have to be made.
The buffet selection. The beef bulgolgi and ribs and scallops were awesome.
Before the meal.
The first fry is the best :)
The meal goes on and on and on :) We spent almost 3 hours chatting and eatting.
And the resturant is called... SUSHI KIM.

Sat - Day 2 - Breakfast

One of the few American cuisines is the American Diner. They serve perhaps the best breakfast/brunch if you're in the mood for eggs and pancakes and waffles and corned beef etc, you get the picture.

If you ever visit the States, don't forget to have your own diner experience. Eins and I went to Pamela's Diner in Pittsburg which is a Saturday ritual for eins. It was excellent diner food.

Corned Beef and Hash with 2 sunny side up eggs for me.

Mushroom and swiss Omelette. Light Fluffy and sooo good.

Eins had pancakes (crepe style) with bacon and 2 eggs over easy.

Good to the Last Bite :)

A pic of the restaurant interior. Looks just like a diner from the 1960's

A pic of the outside of Pamela's. If you're ever in Pittsburg, make sure to give it a try.

Friday - Day 1 - Dinner

This meal was the most expensive of the weekend and the crowning meal. Its a kaiseki dinner. A traditional kaiseki meal consists of a set sequence of courses based on preparation techniques. Pickled, raw, grilled and fried foods can all be included, in a certain order. Dishes focus on seasonal ingredients, and kaiseki chefs give zealous attention to presentation.

Pretty hard to find a restaurant that does this so thanks to eins for finding this restaurant. Actually this is the 2nd time we've been here.

Dish 1 - A very beautiful and delish first dish. I especially loved the monk fish liver (Top left in the bowl).
Dish 2 - A clear soup

Dish 3 - This was SUCH a wonderful dish. Me and Eins love Uni (Enis more than me) but this is the first time I've ever had it served to me in its own shell. Such a treat. The rest of the sashimi was Flute, Salmon, Tuna and ... can't remember the last fish.
Dish 4 - A Clear soup to cleanse the patlette. The mushrooms on this soup is supposed to be very expensive and did have a unique taste.
Dish 5 - Fried Oysters - I liked this dish. It might not be unique but I love fried stuff, and the osyters were quite fresh, no fishy taste at all.
Dish 6 - Seared Fatty Tuna with mushrooms sauteed in butter. This was sooo good and melted in your mouth. The sauce is radish which complemented the fatty tuna so well.
Dish 7 - Sushi - A disappointment because it was so... usual. Don't get me wrong, the sushi was good but it was simply not unique.
Dish 8 - Desert Green Tea Muchi. So good :)
Not part of the meal but they provided an interesting little can opener shaped like a duck.

Friday - Day 1 - Lunch

This is the Indian restaurant. In the US, indian buffets are pretty common especially for lunch. This is an excellent buffet, among the best that I've ever had.
They only had plain nian so that might be considered a minus. But the curries and sauces were sooo good.
From left to right, Tandori chicken, Chick peas, potato cutlets. The Potato Cutlets were very excellent, crispy on the outside and tasty on the inside. The chicken was quite good but not the best I've ever had.
This is the salad and desert table. Desert was passable. But the main course is where this restaurant excelled at.

This was my first plate :)

Food Food Food

This blog is devoted entirely to food glorious food. Considering that I live alone I probably won't get much chances to update it frequently but my first post should be a bonanza of pics from my trip to Pittsburg.

Now on to the food.