Monday, October 03, 2005

Friday - Day 1 - Dinner

This meal was the most expensive of the weekend and the crowning meal. Its a kaiseki dinner. A traditional kaiseki meal consists of a set sequence of courses based on preparation techniques. Pickled, raw, grilled and fried foods can all be included, in a certain order. Dishes focus on seasonal ingredients, and kaiseki chefs give zealous attention to presentation.

Pretty hard to find a restaurant that does this so thanks to eins for finding this restaurant. Actually this is the 2nd time we've been here.

Dish 1 - A very beautiful and delish first dish. I especially loved the monk fish liver (Top left in the bowl).
Dish 2 - A clear soup

Dish 3 - This was SUCH a wonderful dish. Me and Eins love Uni (Enis more than me) but this is the first time I've ever had it served to me in its own shell. Such a treat. The rest of the sashimi was Flute, Salmon, Tuna and ... can't remember the last fish.
Dish 4 - A Clear soup to cleanse the patlette. The mushrooms on this soup is supposed to be very expensive and did have a unique taste.
Dish 5 - Fried Oysters - I liked this dish. It might not be unique but I love fried stuff, and the osyters were quite fresh, no fishy taste at all.
Dish 6 - Seared Fatty Tuna with mushrooms sauteed in butter. This was sooo good and melted in your mouth. The sauce is radish which complemented the fatty tuna so well.
Dish 7 - Sushi - A disappointment because it was so... usual. Don't get me wrong, the sushi was good but it was simply not unique.
Dish 8 - Desert Green Tea Muchi. So good :)
Not part of the meal but they provided an interesting little can opener shaped like a duck.


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